2 Luxury Hand Crafted Pens From Exotic Wood

The Bloodwood Chapter

When thinking about a handcrafted writing instrument, one of the maximum crucial troubles to resolve is the body material. Essential concerns encompass color, texture, and grain sample. It is likewise exciting to discover historical past statistics together with where it grows, uses, and records.

This statement will provide you with the documents necessary to make an informed decision concerning bloodwood as a capability selection to your writing device.

Bloodwood’s clear call is Brosimum rubescens and grows in South America. Different international locations talk over with the tree using unique names. For instance, in Brazil, it’s far on occasion known as a conduit and in Italy as Veolia. English talking nations typically use the call bloodwood.

Bloodwood grows to be more than one hundred toes with a trunk diameter of 20 to 30 inches. The sapwood (outer growth) is a lighter coloration than the heartwood and has a thickness of about 8 inches in a wholly evolved tree.

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The texture of bloodwood is a consideration in both the crafting system and in using the pen made from it. It is denser than maximum woods and maybe splintery. Additionally, the dust from cutting on a lathe is known to reason a hypersensitivity to some. While this problem is resolved through sporting a proper respirator for the craftsman, it isn’t always a concern for the person of the completed product.

As for splintering, it too is a problem for the pen maker in the cutting manner, however, is overcome by the use of sharp tools. The density must be considered by using the pen consumer best to the extent that the writing device might be slightly heavier than alternative distinct wooden available.

The Cocobolo Chapter

A valuable, dark timber, cocobolo has a person that sets it other than different exceptional wood. While my use of it’s miles more often than not for custom crafted pens and pencils, cocobolo is utilized by various crafts because of its splendor and workability. Its reputation is based on more than a few of factors. Many of these may be explored here to your attention in selecting it in your next acquisition or mission.

Background / Habitat

Cocobolo, Dalbergia retusa, is now and again known as rosewood and grows in the western areas of Central America. It tends to thrive undoubtedly in drier regions and at better elevations. Its availability from herbal increase regions has faded over time.

However, cultivation of managed areas delivers the arena marketplace. The tree does now not exceed medium size. The tallest specimens are not probable to exceed 60 feet with a trunk diameter of two feet.

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Color, texture, bodily traits

The shade of cocobolo varies from light brown through sun shades of cream, darker browns, yellow, and orange. These subtle color contrasts run thru the grain patterns which can be somewhat straight with shallow waves.

It has a decent grain texture and is denser than many styles of wooden. Its precise gravity processes one, meaning it’ll slightly glide in water. It has natural oil within its fibers that add to its luster and water resistance.


Cocobolo is a fave wood for any one of a kind craft. Its lustrous finished appearance lends itself to programs that prize this form of presentation. Some examples consist of wood turnings; knife handles, guitars and other musical contraptions, and billiard cues.

Its density and tonal character make it especially attractive for musical instrument makers. Its water resistance, as a consequence of its natural oils, makes it suitable for merchandise difficulty to water publicity. A sample of its use may be visible in this best luxury pen brands crafted from cocobolo

Working With

Because of its density and herbal oil consistency, cocobolo must be fashioned or machined with the one’s troubles in mind. This method using freshly sharpened gear and can require periodic cleaning of steel surfaces to cast off oily residue.

The herbal oil additionally tends to inhibit gluing. So, alternative fastening strategies are often needed. Otherwise, slicing consequences in a smooth surface. Subsequent sanding and application of polish carry out an attractive luster.


Of Central American foundation, cocobolo boasts a rich set of characteristics that enchantment to artisans and purchasers of the original wood. Its reputation is brought about by way of its stunning coloration and grain patterns in addition to its luster, water resistance, and tonal characteristics in musical units. These individual timber warrants last consideration while deciding on a timber body on your luxurious pen or different craft utility.

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